I can’t register online – it says there is a problem with my email address

This message can appear in three different cases:

1. You may already be registered with that email address. If you think you may have previously registered, please request a forgotten password link to reset your password.

2. Your email address may already be linked to a Coffee account in a different country. If so, you will need to either request this be removed from the overseas account, or alternatively, use a different email address in the UK / Ireland.

3. If you are registering with your existing Membership number, there may be a typing error in the information provided, making it different to the information on your account. Double check the spelling of the information, and that there is a space in the postcode.

In all cases, please ensure that you are on the correct Coffee website - the flag in the bottom left corner will indicate which country you are attempting to register with. Please note that there are two separate sites for our UK and Irish Members. 

If the problem persists, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Coffee Specialists via Live Chat or on 0800 442 442 (UK) / 1800 812 660 (ROI).

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