How does Recurring Order work?

1) Start by selecting your products - Select one of your past orders in your order history (upon products availability) and click on "Make this order recurrent". You can still add or delete products, as well as modify desired quantities at this step. Or, within your account, access the menu "My Recurring Orders" to create a new Recurring Order from scratch. You will be able to select Coffee coffees, and a selected range of accessories and treats.

2) Now define the frequency at which you would like to receive your orders - At this step, you will select a pre-defined frequency and the starting date of your Recurring Order. To help you, Coffee can suggest a recommended frequency based on the contents of your order.

3) Then define your delivery address along with the delivery and payment methods - You can setup your regular delivery address and payment details.

4) Easy to change according to your needs - Your frequency as well as your next shipment date, delivery address or payment methods can be modified at any time up to the day before shipment. For instance, during your holidays, you could ship your Easyorder to your vacation address (if within the same country) or simply postpone it.

5) Receive your order with no extra effort - Based on your defined frequency, you will receive your order automatically at your desired address. If you find yourself running out of coffee or with too much stock at home, you can easily adjust your next shipment date. If needed, you can create more than one Recurring Order and simply manage them individually.

Ordering your Coffee coffee has never been easier!

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